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Frequently Asked Questions — Product

Your common shapewear questions answered.

How does Nancy Ganz work?

Nancy Ganz is a range of stylish, functional Shapewear and Swimwear solutions for women. Nancy Ganz’s unique combination of fabric technology and fit expertise offers women a complete range of garments that smooth and sculpt your body to make you look and feel firmer, fitter and more confident. We have a range of products to fix every problem area.

What sizes are available in the Nancy Ganz range?

Please refer to the size guide for each garment on the product page.

How do I choose my size?

We recommend you select garments in your regular underwear size. However, keep in mind Shapewear and Shaping Swimwear is designed to be tight and firm fitting, if not, it won’t achieve the maximum effect.

How do you put Shapewear on?

Follow our 3 easy steps, Roll, Step into, Unroll!

For most styles we recommend you roll up the garment, step into it, and then simply unroll into place.

How do I choose a Nancy Ganz Garment?

There are many different styles in the Nancy Ganz range, each designed to target different areas of the body. Not all styles are suited to every body shape. Start by thinking about your body shape, the type of outfit you will wear and the result you are trying to achieve. Drop us a line if you need any help.

What colours is Nancy Ganz Shapewear and Swimwear available in?

Nancy Ganz Shapewear is available in Black and Warm Taupe. The Warm Taupe is skin coloured and will suit most skin tones, making it perfect for wearing under light coloured clothing. Black is a sleek, sophisticated alternative. We will often add new fashion colours each season. If there is anything else you need feel free to drop us a line!

Our Swimwear is available in slimming Black, prints and fashion colours each season.

Will the product roll down or slide up?

Our High Waisted garments are designed to stay in place. Some garments have silicon grip in specific areas to prevent the garment from rolling down or sliding up, this will be effective for the majority of consumers.

When would I wear Nancy Ganz?

Nancy Ganz is a modern range of Shapewear and Swimwear designed to make you look amazing and feel confident at any occasion. We’ve added a touch of glamour and luxury to the Nancy Ganz Shapewear range, featuring styles with lace detail and trim. Perfect under your wedding gown, formal dress, or just when you want to feel good!

Nancy Ganz Swimwear will give you confidence poolside or at the beach.

I find I get back roll below my bra, do you have a product that will smooth these out?

The Underbust Body Slip and Underbust Bodysuit are the perfect solution for this! These garments are designed to allow you to wear your favourite bra as they sit under the bust, while the back smoothes unwanted lines from bra elastic.

Nancy Ganz has items that feature in-built bra cups to define and lift your bust while smoothing your body.

Are the products visible through your clothes?

The Nancy Ganz range is designed with minimal seams and the latest technology so it is smooth and sleek under your clothing. The Warm Taupe colour is skin toned and is ideal to wear under light coloured clothing.

What is the difference between Nancy Ganz and other Shapewear brands?

Nancy Ganz is the original Shapewear brand. A modern solution that addresses the needs of today’s woman. Our garments are made with powerful, innovative fabrics and our designed to technically enhance your natural assets and control those unwanted lumps and bumps.

What’s the best way to care for my Nancy Ganz garments?

We recommend hand washing in cold water with a mild detergent for the best, long lasting results. Please treat your Nancy Ganz garments with care. For further information please refer to the care instructions for each garment found on the care label sewn into each product or on our website.